Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Ma dawgs, what is up?? It's been a while. We've been busy though! Well... lazy like.. but busy!

The England gigs were unreal, especially London with Cannabis Corpse and Ghoul. Fuck me like, deadly times. I considered doing a wee blog thing for it but the density of craic in that weekend is just too much. Plus I was either too drunk, hungover, sleep-deprived or full of cake to remember the details vividly enough to do them justice. But sure that's the craic. There's some pictures here and here of the tour!


Since then things have been very quiet with gigs and we've been concentrating (for lack of a better word) on our next release. It's well overdue, with Quick and Severe being released in 2010 and all. Plus, it will be the first release with the new line up! We made a video to show some of the new riffs and songs and shit off, although none of these riffs are from the upcoming release, as our next release will NOT be an album! More details to come on that... but so far we've laid down the drum tracks so still a lot of work to do!

Here's that video anyways:

So aye that's the craic for now anyways, the G8 is happening in Fear Manach soon so it's like apocalypse now and shit. Planning to do gigs over the course of Summer so we'll hopefully see you soon! 

Take it Sleazy

............and I'm out.

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